A 2+ performance that stimulates to (re-)discover the nature around us.
Watch, listen, smell, touch. Rocks, mountains, grasslands, jungles. There are so many different landscapes on our planet!
The earth smells, the earth sounds. With sand, earth, water and stones, a dancer and a percussionist create a world of colours and sounds. Dancing to music from different continents and to the sounds of nature, the performers take the audience on an imaginary journey across the earth.
Mappamondo is a musical and sensory performance for children from the age of 2 and their family, in which the sounds of the earth come to life.
Photography by Moon Saris
Photography by Moon Saris
The press about Mappamondo:
"Compelling world travel for age 2+" Theater magazine ***
"The movement language of dancer Leila Bakhtali is immediately a feast of recognition for toddlers in the audience.”
"In Mappamondo a musician and a dancer take their enthusiastic audience of two plus effortlessly on an exciting journey across the world." Theaterkrant sept 2017
"A beautiful introduction to theater for the youngest. Inventive and impulsive. Short but sweet. Playful and lively. An adventure for the youngest. " PZC Aug 2017
Photography by Moon Saris
Photography by Moon Saris
Concept, choreography: Gaia Gonnelli
Dance: Leila Bakhtali
Music: Marijn Korff de Gidts
Advice: Wiebe Gotink en Wies Bloemen
Set Design and costumes: Tessa Verbei
Light design: Ellen Knops