An intimate journey through music, voice and dance where the sisters Leila & Ishtar Bakhtali share their creative discoveries around the concept of Arriving.
In 2015 Ishtar and Leila created HOME(SICK); a performance that explores the meaning of (not) having a fixed homebase and being far away from each other. Then, in summer 2017 after 16 years of not having shared the same country as a homebase, the sisters reunited in Amsterdam and continued their collaboration which resulted in the performance Arriving.
In their work, Ishtar and Leila take you on a journey through various landscapes created by a playful dialogue between unexpected sounds and movements. Drawing their stories from poetry, reflections and fantasies, they look to inspire and move their audience.
Music and dance are sisters. They are inevitably connected, sometimes through frustration and often through celebration. Arriving premiered in summer 2017 at the art gallery Home of Art in Amsterdam.
Ishtar Bakhtali is a vocalist in bands covering styles such as Jazz, Latin and Crossover. She also performs as solo musician with loopstation and effects in different collaborations with artists from other art forms (dance, fine arts, fashion). Her growing interest in Indian music resulted in a Masters study at Codarts in Dhrupad music.
Photography by Sanne Huijbregts
Photography by Sanne Huijbregts
"It was magical to see the sisters each immersed in their own art and yet to be so connected. They made good use of the space, which made it feel intimate and grand at the same time."
Audience member Marijn Korff de Gidts (musician, performer, teacher at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam)