My first experience with yoga was about 15 years ago. Soon I enjoyed the yoga practice as a movement meditation rather than a mere physical work-out. I have practiced various styles with different teachers, depending on the stage of my life. My interest in yoga (philosophy & meditation included) continued to grow; leading to a 200hrs certified vinyasa yoga teacher training with Yoga Moves in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Since summer 2017 I am teaching Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa Yoga focuses on synchronising breath and movement through postures placed in a specific sequence; one posture organically flows into the next. I feel passionate to share my knowledge with you and invite everyone to join my sessions. For more information on the sessions or workshops I offer, please contact me.

What they say...
"Calming and engaging",
"Leila radiates a lot of peace, I felt very safe and seen",
"Loved it! Extra personal guidance during instructions"
Photography by Eva van 't Loo
Photography by Eva van 't Loo
Yoga & Sound workshop
Initiated by sisters Leila and Ishtar Bakhtali, the Yoga & Sound workshops are designed to connect to our inner silence, to the space that we all are in essence. The workshops include a vinyasa flow class and live vocal concert with tanpura. Through the asana (posture) practice we become grounded in the here and now, open to receive the mesmerising sounds of Indian devotional music. Time is also given to explore pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga philosophy and mantras. A variety of gateways to experience peace.
After a successful pilot in Rotterdam at the Kompassie Yoga Studio, we brought our Yoga & Sound workshop to Trier in Germany in November where it was received with much enthusiasm;

“Thank you very much for coming. I enjoyed everything, the asana, the music, the philosophy. I would appreciate if you come back to Trier again. Thanks so much!”
“Thank you! I really enjoyed the workshop -please come back- thank you for being part of my journey to my true self.”
“This was my first yoga & singing workshop and I loved the experience of singing in a group and listening to the music. I didn’t expect to like it that much and to feel that much while singing.”

Are you curious about the roots of yoga, to go beyond asanas and to experience the mesmerizing sounds of voice and Tanpura; connecting to our inborn sense of peace?  This workshop is made for you! Join us on Sunday March 10th 2-6pm at Kompassie Yoga Rotterdam.
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