This body - The infinite teacher
Always a pleasure to share my findings with professional dancers, to encourage curiosity, challenge unconscious patterns and -ultimately- inspire to connect to our passion and pleasure to dance.
My teachings have been invited to companies such as wee dance company, Theater Ulm, steptext dance project, Scottish Dance Theater and to TanzNetzDresden-the Dresden freelance community.
Teaching the younger generation of dancers I experience both as rewarding and necessary. I have guided contemporary classes, composition/improvisation-workshops and choreographic processes into performance for Modern Bruises in Amsterdam and Art Platform Suriname and am currently teaching floorwork/contemporary classes at Amsterdam Dance Centre.
The act of teaching as a field of discovery and exchange; a valuable contribution to my own growth as a dance artist and human being.
Photography by Niko Hanakam
Photography by Niko Hanakam
Class description
The class follows an organic build up in intensity; we start the class with wakening the senses to foster spacial awareness, inner alertness and a sense of togetherness within the group. Through playful exercises and combinations we move in & out and across the floor. We practice different dynamics and movement textures; from smooth gracious slides and rolls to explosive jumps and tricks. The aim is to help gain strength, stamina and awareness of the body. Throughout the class I encourage tapping into our pleasure and passion to move, so that after this session you will feel positively energised.