A duet choreographed by Beatrice Panero (2017).
Beatrice’s words about this work;
"Inspired by Kafka...an alienation of a man driven by primordial instinct, to become an insect and hide. All living beings have the same basic needs...to eat and to reproduce...just the reason distinguishes us from insects...Choreographing is to make this concept “visible”  in the most direct way. Everyone dances...even insects.”
I learned this duet (which was originally created with- and performed by Ceren Yavan Wagner and Bogdan Muresan) to perform at the International Choreographic Competition Ballet Gesellschaft Hannover 2018 and at "Lange Nacht der kurzen  Stücke" - Tanz Karlsruhe 2018 at Kulturzentrum Tempel.
Photography by Ralf Mohr
Photography by Ralf Mohr
Duration: 12'
Originally performed by Ceren Yavan Wagner and Bogdan Muresan
Currently interpreted and performed by Leila Bakhtali and Beatrice Panero
Choreography: Beatrice Panero
Sound: Tylor Deyn and Ludovico Einaudi
Supported by Theater Ulm, Germany.