Leila Bakhtali

My first experience with yoga was very physical in the sense that I started practicing Ashtanga Yoga as an addition to my dance training. Soon I enjoyed the yoga practice as a movement mediation rather than a physical work-out. In the last few years my interest in yoga philosophy grew and I decided to follow a yoga teacher training to further study the physical practice of Vinyasa Yoga and explore yoga philosophy. Since summer 2016 I am teaching Vinyasa Yoga for beginners. Vinyasa Yoga focusses on synchronising breath and movement through a flowing sequence of postures. I feel passionate to share my knowledge with you and invite everyone to join my sessions. For more information on the sessions I offer, please contact me!

What they say...

"Calming and engaging",  "Leila radiates a lot of peace, I felt very safe and seen",  "Loved it! Extra personal guidance during instructions"

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