Leila Bakhtali

My first experience with a yoga was about 15 years ago. Soon I enjoyed the yoga practice as a movement meditation rather than a mere physical work-out. I have practiced various styles with different teachers, depending on the stage of my life. My interest in yoga (philosophy & meditaion included) continued to grow; leading to a 200hrs certified vinyasa yoga teacher training with Yoga Moves in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Since summer 2017 I am teaching Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa Yoga focusses on synchronising breath and movement through a flowing sequence of postures. I feel passionate to share my knowledge with you and invite everyone to join my sessions. For more information on the sessions or workshops I offer, please contact me.

What they say...

"Calming and engaging",  "Leila radiates a lot of peace, I felt very safe and seen",  "Loved it! Extra personal guidance during instructions"

Together with my sister Ishtar (vocal artist) I devised a new yoga workshop in which we offer an introduction to yoga philosophy, pranayama (breath work) and mantra singing next to a full vinyasa flow class and a vocal concert from Ishtar on the Tanpura (classical Indian string instrument). After our successful pilot in Rotterdam at the Compassion Yoga Studio, we bring our Yoga & Sound workshop to Trier (Germany) soon! Are you curious about the roots of yoga, to go beyond asanas(poses) and to experience the mesmerizing sounds of voice and Tanpura; connecting to our inborn sense of peace?  This workshop is made for you :) Early Bird offer if you book before october 28th! More info on poster below. And/or connect with us on Facebook.

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